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What is vegetative stage? Definition, process and plant needs

What is the vegetative stage in plants?

The vegetative stage (veg) is the part of the plants growth cycle that takes place just after germination and before flowering. Once the seeds have germinated, they grow towards light from the soil, with the first cotyledon leaves forming.

Through the next 2-3 weeks the seedling continues to grow, producing a number of leaves and all of the necessary functions and structures for photosynthesis. This is the beginning of the vegetation stage on most feeding charts. Growing plants from seed works a little different to growing plants from clone.

■ What happens during vegetation stage and how long does it last?

The vegetative stage can last between 3-16 weeks, but with the right nutrient feeding chart (strain of plant dependent) this can be kept to around 3-4 weeks. During the vegetation stage the plant will experience explosive growth and often need transplanting into larger pots right at the beginning of the veg stage, allowing the root systems to develop fully (if using soil).

■ Which minerals plants need the most during vegetative phase?

The plant requires higher levels of nitrogen, which the plant uses in the growth of leaves and stems.

Potassium is another key mineral needed by plants throughout the veg stage. Its function is to aid and regulate the stomata and helps the plant produce energy for growth.

Next is Magnesium. This key mineral is used by the plant to power photosynthesis.

Luckily for you, our Biogreen Grow1 base feed has the exact levels of each of these minerals needed for exceptional plant growth during the Veg stage. If using hydroponics or coco then our Biogreen Hydro A&B also supplies the plant with the exact minerals the plant needs during veg and then on into Bloom.

■ How does light and temperature affect the vegetation phase?

Light also has an effect on the plant and its transitions between Veg and Bloom. By switching from 18 hours of light to 12, the plants natural cycle takes over and moves the plant to bloom. It’s important to run 18 hours light a day during vegetation as increased light exposure to the plant means an increased photosynthetic rate which equates to faster growth.

It’s not just light but also humidity that needs to be increased during vegetation compared to bloom phase. Also, there is less temperature fluctuations in vegetation than bloom, with veg temperatures staying 26°C during the day and 24°C at night. Once you transition to bloom these temperatures change.

■ Getting a successful vegetation stage

The vegetative stage is a crucial part of a flowering plants life cycle. As a grower, you must offer the plant perfect conditions to reach its full genetic potential. Getting the correct light, water and nutrient

regime has a dramatic effect on your plants. We have tried to make this easy for you with our Biogreen feeding charts, we give you all the information needed for the 3/4 weeks your plant spends in the veg stage of its life. If you are running a longer veg time, simply continue on with the week 4 dosages. Using our Grow1 or Hydro A&B, you will give your plant all of the essential nutrients it needs during vegetation.

The healthier the plant in veg, the better the plant will perform in bloom, and the bigger and better the fruits and flowers.


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