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How to Use Humic Acid in Plants and it's Benefits

Updated: May 19, 2021

Humic acid is an organic compound that takes thousands of years to form. It is essential for water and nutrient uptake in plants.

What is it?

A group of molecules that bind to roots and help the roots absorb water and nutrients.

Where is it?

Humic acid comes from a variety of different sources. Most notably from buried deposits, formed over thousands of years by plants and animals that died in wet and humid environments. As time passes these beds of rotting material are repeatedly covered by rocks and sand formations, as the pressure builds, they are compressed into a dense deposit.

What does it do?

High humic acid levels can dramatically increase yields. Humic acid deficiency can prevent growers from growing crops with optimum nutrition uptake, meaning lower crop output.

With the addition of humic acid root mass is increased, and the plant is better able to take up water and nutrients. Humic acid also stimulates vegetative growth, and it has been shown to enhance photosynthesis and chlorophyll content.

Humic acid has a dramatic effect on mineral availability to a plant, allowing the plant to solubilise essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It also helps the plant pick up and transport micro elements such as iron, manganese, boron and zinc, all of which are contained in Biogreen X-Rooting.

It’s also believed that humic acid has the ability to increase protein production, through the synthesis of specific enzymes. Enzymes that then contribute to shoot growth, and protect the plant in times of environmental stress.

It’s the perfect addition to any grow medium, it helps plant development through rooting to end of flower. Humic acid noticeably improves seed germination, pushing the stimulation of root mass and growth. Another positive is that humic acid does not contain rooting hormones, allowing products like Biogreen X-Rooting to be 100% organic with no PGRs.

Add humic acid to your shopping list of essential plant nutrients, or buy a bottle of Biogreen X-Rooting and feed those roots with the finest quality 100% organic humic acid.

How to use X-Rooting

— Use it through the entire plant cycle. Use 2ml since the seed sprouts until the 2nd week of vegetation. On the 3/4 week of vegetation use 1ml until the 2nd week of flowering. After that, use 0.5ml for the rest of the flowering stage.

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