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Getting Rid of Pests, Bugs and Fungi with Garlic (Allicin)

Garlic plants have an organic defence mechanism against bugs, fungi and other vampiric pests in general. Although this reaction is unique, it is possible to give this ability to other plants, by using a specific supplementation.

What is it?

A compound of organic sulphur (thiosulfonate) called allicin can be obtained from fresh garlic cloves. The Garlic plant produces allicin through an enzymatic reaction where it produces an enzyme called alliinase, which then converts alliin to allicin. This is why garlic cloves don’t smell until they are crushed, once the two chemicals combine the Allicin is produced.

What does it do?

Allicin is the garlic plants defence mechanism against attack by pests. Allicin is toxic to insects and micro-organisms. Allicin also shows toxic effects towards fungal cells and is able to inhibit spore germination. When fed to a plant it has the same repelling effect, using nature against nature. When a plant is treated with Biogreen Garlic (either foliar or in your nutrient solution), this organosulfur compound will be present and repel the insects/fungi.

How is it possible that Biogreen Garlic doesn't leave any taste or smell in the plants?

It's the reaction that provokes the smell. Allicin is unstable, meaning it quickly changes into a series of other sulphur derivate compounds, like thiosulfonate. Given that, it doesn't affect the taste or smell of the treated plant.

So, I can just feed my plants crushed garlic?

No, Biogreen Garlic is obtained through a well-thought-out two-step production process, that consists in placing fresh cut fermented garlic bulbs and ginger in tanks without oxygen for several months (polar extraction), followed by an A-polar extraction. As a result, the content of the active ingredients is much higher in quality and damage due to oxidation from the air is avoided. Biogreen Garlic is 100% organic and contains no toxic components for plants.

How to use Biogreen Garlic


When you mix the nutrients in the water reservoir, add 1ml of Biogreen Garlic per litre of water. Then, water the plants with the solution. Repeat every time you water the plants, from the beginning of vegetation until the end of flowering.

Shock Treatment - During infestation

Mix 4ml Biogreen Garlic per litre of water in the water reservoir (together with the nutrients). Then water the plants with the solution. Lay a fresh head of lettuce (or any other fresh leaf easy to bite) nearby the plant(s) that are infested. This is of utmost importance since the bugs now need an untreated source of food to flee to. On the next day, carefully wrap a bag around the head(s) of lettuce and responsibly dispose of it. For heavy infestations repeat this 3/4 days later.

Foliar -Mildew and other fungi

Mix 50ml Biogreen Garlic per litre of water in a spray bottle. Spray the infected plants and make sure to cover top and bottom of the infected leaves. Repeat after 2/3 days until the fungi problem is resolved.

To keep your plant protected from pests like aphids, fungus gnats, spidermites, whiteflies, powdery mildew, and other pests use Biogreen Garlic as prevention, shock treatment and foliar during the whole growth cycle.

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